CCNA LAB GUIDE (Version 1.0)


1 (Basic IOS of Router + Security)

  • Configure Basic Password and Hostname
  • User Authenitication
  • Telnet Password
  • Configure Banner
  • SSH Configuration
  • Swith Static IP address Configuration
  • Verify the SSH Session
  • Configure VLAN & assign interface
  • Port Security

Lab2 (Basic IOS of Switches + Security)

  • Configure IP address
  • Configure Telent & User Based Authenication
  • Configure SSH Server
  • Configure Serial Connectivity
  • Configure Static Routes
  • Configure PPP

Lab3 (VTP and STP)

  • Configure VTP Server and Clients
  • Verify VTP
  • Configure & Verify STP

Lab4 (Routing Protocols)

  • OSPF

Lab5 (Security Port Mapping)

  • Named Based Access-list
  • Static Nat, Dynamic Nat, PAT

Lab6 (Wide Area Network)

  • Configure Hub and Spoke

Lab7 (Inter VLAN Routing)

  • Configure Inter VLAN Routing

Lab8 (Configure IP V6 to IP V4 Tunnel)

  • Configure EIGRP for IPv4
  • Create a 6 to 4 Tunnel
  • Configure IP V6 static Routes

Lab9 (Secure Device Manager)

  • How to Install SDM
  • How to configure SDM
  • Configure DHCP Server

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