CCNA ICND2 Lab 6 – Create and Use Loopback Interface


Lab Topology:

Lab Requirements:

1. The router names are P4S1 and P4S2.

2. Create a loopback interface on either of the routers and specify an IP address to every loopback interface.

3. Delete the loopback interfaces.

Lab Process:

1. The loopback interface is a logical virtual interface on the router. A router has no loopback interfaces by default, but they can be created on it. In normal cases, a router has fewer interfaces than a switch; therefore, you need to create loopback interfaces when doing lab. A loopback interface is treated on the router like a physical interface. It can be assigned an IP address. Loopback interfaces are widely used. They are enabled by default. To disable a loopback interface, run the shutdown command.

2. Create a loopback interface.

P4S1(config)#interface loopback ?

<0-2147483647> Loopback interface number

The range of the loopback interface is from 0 to 2147483647.

P4S1(config)#interface loopback 0

P4S1(config-if)#ip add


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