CCNA ICND1(640-822) Quick Learning

The following 10-20 minutes Modules are focused on a specific lesson or topic from the current curriculum.

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Exploring Wireless Networking

Upon completing this lesson, you should be able to:

· Understand the Market trends

· Differences between WLAN and LAN

· Describe Radio Frequency Transmission

· Identify Organizations which define WLAN (ITU-R, IEEE, WiFi Alliance)

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Enabling RIP

Upon completing this QLM, you will be able to:

· Describe the operation, benefits, and limitations of static and dynamic routing.

· Describe the purpose, types, and classes of dynamic routing protocols

· Describe the different classes of routing protocols

· Describe how a distance vector routing protocol selects routes and maintains routing information

· Describe the features of RIP

· Describe the differences between RIPv1 and RIPv2

· Describe the tasks required to enable a dynamic routing protocol on a Cisco router

· Describe the configuration tasks needed to enable basic RIP routing on a Cisco router

· Use the show commands to verify the RIP configuration

· Describe the use of the debug ip rip command

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Understanding the TCP/IP Internet Layer

Upon completing this QLM, you will be able to:

· Identify the characteristics of the Internet Protocol

· Describe the components and structure of an IPv4 address

· Describe the classes of IP addresses

· Describe reserved IP addresses

· Compare public and private IP addresses

· Define the function of DHCP and DNS in IP addressing

· Identify common tools to determine the IP address of a host

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Cisco Security Device Manager

This lesson will be an introduction of the Cisco Security Device Manager.

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Internet Connections with NAT and PAT

This lesson will be an introduction of Internet Connections with NAT and PAT.

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