CCNA ICND1 Lab9 – Layer 3 Switch and Proxy Server


Lab Tips:

An enterprise LAN often uses private IP addresses. A private IP address must be translated to a public IP address before connecting to the Internet. When a layer 3 switch replaces a router, because the layer 3 switch does not have the NAT function, a proxy server is required.

Lab Requirements:

1. Complete the configuration as the figure requires.

2. Segment the VLAN into two VLANs. Enable layer 3 routing. Specify a gateway for every VLAN.


1. The CCNA lab does not require proxy server configuration.

2. PC configuration is omitted.

Lab Process:

P4S-R#configure terminal                      / Enter the VLAN database

P4S-R(vlan)#vlan 1

P4S-R(vlan)#name router1                        / Name vlan1 router1

P4S-R(vlan)#vlan 2

P4S-R(vlan)#name router2                  / Name vlan2 router2


P4S-R(config)#ip routing                        / Enable the IP routing of the switch

P4S-R(config)#interface fastehternet0/2

P4S-R(config-if)#ip address

P4S-R(config-if)#no shutdown


P4S-R(config)#interface fastehternet0/1

P4S-R(config-if)#ip address

P4S-R(config-if)#no shutdown


P4S-R(config)#ip router Configure the static route

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