CCNA ICND1 Lab7 – DHCP Application


Lab Tips:

enables devices to get IP addresses dynamically. is based on BOOTP and established on the C/S model. Using facilitates configuration on the device and reduce the chance of configuration errors. Central IP addressing provides more control.

Lab Requirements:

1. Configure a 2600 series router as a DHCP server.

2. The domain name is Router and the DNS server is

3. Assign node types to Microsoft users.

4. The default gateway is and the lease period is five days.

5. Change the time for testing available IP addresses from the default 500 milliseconds to 1000 milliseconds.

6. The available address pool is the network, not including and

7. Check

8. Clear all the IP addresses assigned to the users.


Here, the router is used as a DHCP server, but it does not have all the functions of a DHCP product. Such a router is often used in small network environment.

Lab Process:

Basic route configuration omitted

P4S-R(config)#service dhcp

P4S-R(config)#ip dhcp pool Router keji      / Enter the DHCP configuration mode


P4S-R(dhcp-config)#domain-name Router


P4S-R(dhcp-config)#netbios-node-type m


P4S-R(dhcp-config)#lease 5


P4S-R(config)#ip dhcp ping timeout 1000

P4S-R(config)#ip dhcp exclude-adress

P4S-R#show ip dhcp binding        / View the IP address

P4S-R#clear ip dhcp binding *            / Clear all the IP addresses assigned to the users

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