CCNA ICND1 Lab4 – Configure VTP


Lab Tips:

VLAN Trunk Protocol () is a proprietary Cisco protocol that is used to share VLAN configuration information over the trunk link between Cisco switches. allows switches to share and synchronize VLAN information to ensure the consistency of VLAN configuration.


Lab Requirements:

1. Port F0/24 of SW1 is connected with Port F0/24 of SW2. Set the two ports to trunk mode.

2. Set SW1 to VTP server mode and SW2 to VTP client mode.

3. SW1 creates VLAN2. Check whether VLAN information can be synchronized on SW2.

4. Delete VLAN2 on SW2.


By default, VTP of the switch is enabled. All the servers are in server mode.

Lab Process:

P4S-Switch1#vlan database            / Enter VLAN database mode

P4S-Switch1(vlan)#vtp domain pass4sure            / Configure the domain name of VTP

P4S-Switch1(vlan)#vtp password pass4sure             / Configure the password of the VTP domain

P4S-Switch1(vlan)#vtp server                  / Set the switch to server mode

P4S-Switch1(vlan)#vlan 2 name p4s2             / Create VLAN2

P4S-Switch1(config)#int fa1/1

P4S-Switch1(config-if)#switchport mode trunk            / Define a trunk link

P4S-Switch1(config-if)#no shutdown

P4S-Switch2#vlan database

P4S-Switch2(vlan)#vtp domain pass4sure

P4S-Switch2(vlan)#vtp password pass4sure

P4S-Switch2(vlan)#vtp server

P4S-Switch2(config)#int fa1/1

P4S-Switch2(config-if)#switchport mode trunk

P4S-Switch2(config-if)#no shutdown

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