CCNA ICND1 Lab1 – Basic Switch Command (2)


Lab Tips:

Set MAC to restrict the number of hosts that access one switch port.

Lab Requirements:

1. Use port security.

2. Set the maximum number of access to fa0/23 port to 3.

3. Port security includes: protect, restrict and shutdown.

4. Common switch commands

Lab Process:

Switch(config)#interface fastethernet 0/23

Switch(config-if)#switchport mode access

Switch(config-if)#switchport port-security

Switch(config-if)#switchport port-security maximum 3     / Set the maximum number of access to fa0/23 port to 3

Switch(config-if)#switchport port-security villation rotect/restrict/shutdown     / Define port security in order of protect mode, restrict mode and shutdown mode

Switch#show running-configure        / View the configuration file

Switch#show interface 0/1       / View the information about port fastethernet0/1.

Switch#show mac-address-table      / View the MAC address table

Switch#show vlan        / Display the VLAN information

Switch#show version      / Check the switch version

Switch#erase startup-configure      / Delete configuration files that have been saved.

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