CCNA ICND1 Lab1 – Basic Switch Command (1)


Lab Tips:

The Layer 2 switch has no IP address. If you want to manage the switch remotely, you must specify an IP address for it.

The switch learns MAC addresses dynamically. It builds the MAC address table by listening to incoming frames and examining the source MAC address in the frame. For network security, you can create static MAC address mapping on the switch.

Lab Topology:

Lab Requirements:

1. Rename the switch Pass4sure.

2. The IP address of the switch is and the gateway is

3. The MAC address is bound. The address is 0010.7a60.1894.

Lab Process:


Switch#congfigure terminal

Switch(config)#hostname Pass4sure     / Rename the switch.

Pass4sure(config)#interface vlan 1       / Specify an IP address for vlan1.

Pass4sure(config-if)#ip address       / Specify an IP address for the switch for remote management

Pass4sure(config)#ip default-gateway      / Specify the default gateway for the switch.

Pass4sure(config)#mac-address-table static 0010.7a60.1894 vlan 1 interface fastethernet 0/5

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