CCNA 640-802-Update(Apr-2009) New Questions


1. What are three characteristics of the OSPF routing protocol? (Choose three.)

A. It converges quickly.

B. OSPF is a classful routing protocol.

C. It uses cost to determine the best route.

D. It uses the DUAL algorithm to determine the best route.

E. OSPF routers send the complete routing table to all directly attached routers.

F. OSPF routers discover neighbors before exchanging routing information.

Answer: ACF

2. As a frame leaves a Layer 3 device, the Layer 2 encapsulation information is changed from what it was when it entered the device. For what two reasons can this happen? (Choose two.)

A. The data is moving from 10BASE-TX to 100BASE-TX.

B. The WAN encapsulation type has changed.

C. The data format has changed from analog to digital.

D. The source and destination hosts are in the same subnet.

E. The source and destination MAC addresses have changed.

Answer: BE

3. Which characteristics are representative of a link-state routing protocol? (Choose three.)

A. provides common view of entire topology

B. exchanges routing tables with neighbors

C. calculates shortest path

D. utilizes event-triggered updates

E. utilizes frequent periodic updates

Answer: ACD

4. What are three valid reasons to assign ports to VLANs on a switch? (Choose three.)

A. to make VTP easier to implement

B. to isolate broadcast traffic

C. to increase the size of the collision domain

D. to allow more devices to connect to the network

E. to logically group hosts according to function

F. to increase network security

Answer: BEF

5. The network administrator has discovered that the power supply has failed on a switch in the company LAN and that the switch has stopped functioning. It has been replaced with a Cisco Catalyst 2950 series switch. What must be done to ensure that this new switch becomes the root bridge on the network?

A. Lower the bridge priority number.

B. Change the MAC address of the switch.

C. Increase the VTP revision number for the domain.

D. Lower the root path cost on the switch ports.

E. Assign the switch an IP address with the lowest value.

Answer: A

6. What should be done prior to backing up an IOS image to a TFTP server? (Choose three.)

A. Make sure that the server can be reached across the network.

B. Check that authentication for TFTP access to the server is set.

C. Assure that the network server has adequate space for the IOS image.

D. Verify file naming and path requirements.

E. Make sure that the server can store binary files.

F. Adjust the TCP window size to speed up the transfer.

Answer: ACD

7. What are two advantages of Layer 2 Ethernet switches over hubs? (Choose two.)

A. decreasing the number of collision domains

B. filtering frames based on MAC addresses

C. allowing simultaneous frame transmissions

D. increasing the size of broadcast domains

E. increasing the maximum length of UTP cabling between devices

Answer: B

8. Refer to the exhibit. Why has this switch not been elected the root bridge for VLAN1?


A. It has more than one interface that is connected to the root network segment.

B. It is running RSTP while the elected root bridge is running 802.1d spanning tree.

C. It has a higher MAC address than the elected root bridge.

D. It has a higher bridge ID than the elected root bridge.

Answer: D

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