CCIE R&S Core Knowledge Question(5)

1. What is the maximum size of an IP packet in bytes?

Highlight for answer: 65535 bytes

2. What is the multicast address that an OSPF designated router will used to send updates?

Highlight for answer:

3. What is the default OSPF reference bandwidth?

Highlight for answer: 100,000,000 bits, 100Mbps, 10^8

4. By default, traffic matched in a class-map statement must match all entries – true or false?

Highlight for answer: True. match-all is the default.

5. Under what condition(s) will r1 advertised a default route into area 0?

router ospf 100
network area 0
default-information originate metric 100

Highlight for answer: R1 must have a default route present in its routing table.

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