CCIE R&S Core Knowledge Question(2)

1. Which point-to-multipoint technology utilizes an IPv4 address embedded in an IPv6 address (the IPv4 address is converted to hexadecimal and then concatenated to the prefix 2002::/16) to allow isolated IPv6 domains to be connected over an IPv4 network to remote IPv6 networks?

Highlight for answer: Automatic 6to4 Tunnels

2. Which OSPF feature allows a router to continue to forward packets while undergoing specific, well-known failure conditions?

Highlight for answer: OSPF Graceful Restart

3. By default, OSPF floods new LSAa over all interfaces in the same area except…..

Highlight for answer: the interface that the LSA arrives on.

4. What are the default OSPF hello-inverval and dead-interval for the OSFP broadcast network type?

Highlight for answer: 10 seconds for the hello-interval and 40 seconds for the dead-interval.

5. R1#r?
*r=resume *ri=”show ip route” release
reload rename renew restart
resume rlogin rsh

What is true about the commands preceded by asterisks?

Highlight for answer: They are aliases. More specifically, they are exec level aliases. Even more specifically, ‘r’ is one of the IOS Default Command Aliases, while ‘ri’ is a custom alias.
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