CCIE R&S Core Knowledge Question(13)

1. What are unsolicited messages sent from an SNMP agent to an SNMP management station called?

Highlight for answer: SNMP traps. SNMP informs fit this description as well.

2. What is the effect of issuing the exec level command ‘terminal monitor’?

Highlight for answer: This command will enable the device to send log messages to telnet sessions.

3. Which Cisco-supported PIM mode uses shared trees?

Highlight for answer: PIM Spare Mode (also PIM Sparse-Dense mode)

4. Which Spanning Tree convergence improvement utilizes Root Link Query (RLQ) BPDUs to detect indirect link failures?

Highlight for answer: BackboneFast

5. What are the three tables that EIGRP uses?

Highlight for answer: EIGRP neighbor table, EIGRP topology table, and the IP routing table.

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