CCIE R&S Core Knowledge Question(12)

1. Which Cisco-proprietary STP feature detects indirect failures in the core of the backbone?

Highlight for answer: BackboneFast.

2. Which two commands can be used to disable the executive timeout feature?

Highlight for answer: no exec-timeout or exec-timeout 0 0

3.What is the practice of advertising a contiguous set of addresses with a single, less-specific address called?

Highlight for answer: Summarization or route aggregation
4. What is the name of a well-known mandatory attribute that uses a sequence of AS numbers to describe the route to the destination specified by the NLRI?

Highlight for answer: AS_PATH

5. What is the name of a well-known discretionary BGP attribute that is used to alert downstream routers that a loss of path information has occurred?

Highlight for answer: ATOMIC_AGGREGATE.


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