CBT Nuggets – Cisco 642-825: CCNP ISCW


Cisco is developing new CCNP exams. However, the training in this package remains valid through July 31, 2010. Naturally, our Nugget Streaming Subscribers will gain immediate access to the new Nuggets CCNP training as they”re developed.

But even if you”re a not a subscriber, you”ll stay current on CCNP certification training by purchasing the full CCNP package. For up to 12 months the full CCNP package holds trade-in credit towards a full-year Nugget Streaming Subscription.

Managing remote access solutions is becoming an everyday part of being in IT. This Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Networks () training covers the ins and outs of providing secure, robust remote access solutions.

What You’ll Learn

  • Video 1: Series Intro|04:53
  • Video 2: Model Madness: Network Design and Connectivity for the Modern World|29:47
  • Video 3: Understanding New WAN Technologies: Cable Technology|24:42
  • Video 4: Understanding New WAN Technologies: DSL Technology|21:54
  • Video 5: Understanding New WAN Technologies: Configuring PPPoE DSL Connections|28:24
  • Video 6: Multiprotocol Label Switching: The Concepts|41:38
  • Video 7: Multiprotocol Label Switching: Frame Mode Configuration|16:32
  • Video 8: Multiprotocol Label Switching: Understanding MPLS VPNs|28:20
  • Video 9: IPSec VPNs: VPN Concepts, Part 1|23:12
  • Video 10: IPSec VPNs: VPN Concepts, Part 2|36:17
  • Video 11: IPSec VPNs: VPN Site-to-Site CLI Configuration|47:34
  • Video 12: IPSec VPNs: VPN Site-to-Site SDM Configuration|23:57
  • Video 13: IPSec VPNs: IPSec Encrypted GRE Tunnels|29:56
  • Video 14: IPSec VPNs: Remote Access Connections with Cisco Easy VPN|39:42
  • Video 15: Network Lockdown: Attacks and Defense|35:46
  • Video 16: Network Lockdown: Cisco Auto-Secure and SDM Security Audit|26:39
  • Video 17: Network Lockdown: Securing Management Access|20:42
  • Video 18: Network Lockdown: Securing Management Access, Part 2|22:27
  • Video 19: Network Lockdown: Using Access Lists|22:55
  • Video 20: Network Lockdown: Securing Network Management|42:26
  • Video 21: Network Lockdown: Implementing Cisco AAA|29:32
  • Video 22: Defending the Network: Cisco IOS Firewall|29:19
  • Video 23: Defending the Network: Cisco IOS IPS|34:07


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