CBT Nuggets – Cisco 642-642: CCVP QOS

This training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to configure and troubleshoot Cisco IOS routers and switches running Quality of Service protocols in Service Provider and Enterprise environments.

Jeremy Cioara provides complete coverage of the exam topics as well as great information you can use on the job right away. This training is way beyond what you”ll find anywhere else. Exam-Pack: 642-642 (QOS) is part of the Cisco Certified Voice Professional, Cisco IP Telephony Design Specialist, Cisco IP Telephony Express Specialist, Cisco IP Telephony Operations Specialist and Cisco IP Telephony Support Specialist certifications.


What You’ll Learn

Video 1: Introduction to Quality of Service|34:48

Video 2: The Cisco MQC Building Blocks|27:31

Video 3: Classification and Marking (Part 1)|38:01

Video 4: Classification and Marking (Part 2)|46:34

Video 5: Congestion Management: Concepts and Design|33:00

Video 6: Congestion Management: Implementation|36:03

Video 7: Congestion Avoidance: WRED|38:34

Video 8: Link Efficiency Tools|34:54

Video 9: Implementing on Catalyst Switches|39:08

Video 10: Traffic Policing|35:04

Video 11: Traffic Shaping|41:38

Video 12: Proactive QoS – Tapping the Features of SAA|29:26

Video 13: The Big Picture: QoS Design Strategies|37:45

Video 14: The Magic of AutoQoS|22:10


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