Download New Updated (July) Cisco 700-505 Actual Test 21-30

Ensurepass    QUESTION 21 Your customer has a small business. Their infrastructure includes a single Cisco ISR, and two Cisco Catalyst 2960 switches running multiple VLANs. Which Cisco branded service should be offered to this customer?   A. partner support service B. SmartCare C. QSMARTnet D. small business support service E. smart business service   Correct Answer: D Explanation: Read more […] Read more »

Download New Updated (July) Cisco 700-505 Actual Test 11-20

Ensurepass  QUESTION 11 In which two ways can Cisco solutions help resolve customer business challenges? (Choose two.)   A. by supporting BYOD and increased mobility B. by providing a multisystem infrastructure that must be monitored and maintained by the IT staff C. by providing improved collaboration and communication tools D. by providing a complex borderless solution   Correct Answer: AC     QUESTION 12 Which three business challenges do customers face that Read more […] Read more »

Download New Updated (July) Cisco 700-505 Actual Test 1-10

Ensurepass QUESTION 1 Which two options are advantages of Cisco Data Center solutions over the competition? (Choose two.)   A. end-to-end optimization B. seamless installation C. scalability without complexity D. embedded self service   Correct Answer: CD     QUESTION 2 Which three options are customer benefits of implementing a Cisco Borderless switching solution? (Choose three.)   A. Spanning Tree B. Smart Install C. AutoSmartPorts D. Smart CallHome Read more […] Read more »