CCNP BSCI(642-901) Lab – ISIS EIGRP Redistribution

Ensurepass The Pass4sure company recently completed merging with Lynaic. The two companies have been using separate routing protocols on their corporate networks, and an immediate solution is required for the two companied to begin sharing data. A boundary router, Amadiya, has been established to perform mutual redistribution of route information between the two networks. Configure route redistribution from EIGRP into IS-IS and from IS-IS into EIGRP on the boundary route per the following requirements: 1. Read more [...]

CCNP BSCI(642-901) Lab – EIGRP Stub

Ensurepass By increasing the first distant office, JS manufactures has extended their business. They antecedently configured the remote office router (P4S-R3) from which they can reach all Corporate subnets. In order to raise network stableness and lower the memory usage and broadband utilization to P4S-R3, JS manufactures makes use of route summarization together with the EIGRP Stub Routing feature. Another network engineer is responsible for the implementing of this solution. However, in the process Read more [...]

CCNP BSCI(642-901) Lab – IPv6 OSPF Virtual Link

Ensurepass Acme is a small export company that has an existing enterprise network that is runing IPV6 OSPFv3. Currently OSPF is configured on all routers.However, P4S-R4′s loopback address (FEC0:4:4) cannot be seen in P4S-R1′s IPv6 routin table.You are tasked with identifying the cause of this fault and implementing the needed corrective actions that uses OSPF features and does no change the current area assignments. You will know that you have corrected the fault when P4S-R4′s Read more [...]

CCNP BSCI(642-901) Lab – OSPF

Ensurepass OSPF is configure on routers Amaniya and Lynaic. Amaniya’s S0/0 interface and Lynaic’s S0/1 interface are in Area 0. Lynaic’s Loopback0 interface is in Area 2. Your task is to configure the following: Pass4sure’s S0/0 interface in Area 1 Amaniya’s S0/1 interface in Area 1 Use the appropriate mask such that ONLY Pass4sure’s S0/0 and Amaniya’s S0/1 could be in Area 1. Area 1 should not receive any external or inter-area routes (except the default route). Answer and Explanation: First, Read more [...]

CCNP BSCI(642-901) Quick Learning

Ensurepass The following Quick Learning Modules are focused on a specific lesson or topic from the current BSCI curriculum. This content is only accessible by Registered Users. If you have not yet registered, you will be prompted to register, before proceeding to access this content. Introducing the OSPF Protocol Upon completing this lesson, you should be able to: · Describe Link State Protocol · Describe OSPF Hierarchy Structure · Describe Link State Adjacency · Describe Shortest Path First Read more [...]

CBT Nuggets – Cisco 642-901: CCNP BSCI

Ensurepass Cisco is developing new CCNP exams. However, the training in this package remains valid through July 31, 2010. Naturally, our Nugget Streaming Subscribers will gain immediate access to the new CBT Nuggets CCNP training as they”re developed. But even if you”re a not a subscriber, you”ll stay current on CCNP certification training by purchasing the full CCNP package. For up to 12 months the full CCNP package holds trade-in credit towards a full-year Nugget Streaming Subscription. The Read more [...]