Download New Updated (June) Cisco 640-875 Practice Test 91-100

Ensurepass  QUESTION 91 Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is setting up a new core router to be a secondary NTP server. What command would need to be added to NTP Client configuration shown?     A. NTP server preferNTP server B. NTP server server secondary C. NTP server preferNTP server backup D. NTP server server prefer   Read more [...]

Download New Updated (June) Cisco 640-875 Practice Test 81-90

Ensurepass  QUESTION 81 Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are true regarding the following configuration?     A. Users are authenticated using RADIUS. B. TACACS+ is configured for remote AAA. C. A TACACS+ AAA server group is configured. D. A TACACS+ server can be reached through the GigabitEthernet0/1/0/1 interface. E. Logging is configured to the local database.   Correct Answer: BD     QUESTION 82 What is a the best way to secure the route Read more [...]

Download New Updated (June) Cisco 640-875 Practice Test 61-70

Ensurepass  QUESTION 61 On Cisco IOS XR, for which purpose is the turboboot procedure used?   A. To boot the router into ROM Monitor mode B. To install the IOS XR software from scratch using the ROM Monitor mode C. To install and boot up a PIE D. To install and boot up a SMU E. To perform an ISSU F. To speed up the time it takes to boot up the IOS XR router   Correct Answer: B     QUESTION 62 Which Cisco IOS XR CLI command displays the running state of Read more [...]

Download New Updated (June) Cisco 640-875 Practice Test 71-80

Ensurepass  QUESTION 71 Which two statements about Packet over SONET are true? (Choose two.)   A. POS is a Layer 2 technology that uses PPP in ATM encapsulation and SONET framing. B. The Layer 2 frame is encapsulated into a generic HDLC header (not Cisco proprietary HDLC) and placed into the appropriate SONET Payload Envelope. C. The FCS field can be set to 16 bits on one end and 32 bits on the other end of a POS connection without causing any connectivity issues. D. The Cisco Read more [...]

Download New Updated (June) Cisco 640-875 Practice Test 51-60

Ensurepass  QUESTION 51 A centralized DHCP server has been setup for customer use. What command is required on the customer Switched Virtual Interface (SVI) to allow clients to receive addresses from this server?   A. switch(config-if)#ip helper-address B. switch(config)#ip helper-address C. switch(config-if)#ip dhcp-address D. switch(config-if)#ip dhcp-gateway E. switch(config-if)#helper-address   Correct Answer: A     QUESTION 52 Which two statements about Read more [...]

Download New Updated (June) Cisco 640-875 Practice Test 31-40

Ensurepass  QUESTION 31 What two commands enable port security and allow the switch to dynamically learn the connected MAC address? (Choose two.)   A. switch5(config-if)#switchport port-security B. switch5(config)#switchport port-security C. switch5(config-if)#switchport port-security mac-address sticky D. switch5(config)#switchport port-security mac-address sticky E. switch5(config-if)#switchport port-security mac-address dynamic F . switch5(config-if)#switchport port-security Read more [...]

Download New Updated (June) Cisco 640-875 Practice Test 41-50

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