Download New Latest (May) Cisco 640-692 Actual Tests 41-50

Ensurepass    QUESTION 41 Which two pieces of information can be determined about a neighbor device from the CLI command show cdp neighbor? (Choose two)   A. device ID B. IP address C. platform D. uptime   Answer: AC     QUESTION 42 Which three of the following statements are true? (Choose three.)   A. Each IP address has two parts: a network ID and a host ID B. An IP subnet equals a broadcast domain. C. An IPv4 address contains 36 bits Read more [...]

Download New Latest (May) Cisco 640-692 Actual Tests 31-40

Ensurepass  QUESTION 31 Which bits represent the boot field in the configuration register value?   A. highest two bits B. highest four bits C. lowest two bits D. lowest four bits   Answer: D     QUESTION 32 Which three of the following describe Fast Ethernet? (Choose three)   A. 1QBASE-T H B B. 100BASE-T C. 10-Mb/s speed D. 100-Mb/s speed E. requires Category 3 or higher UTP cabling F. requires Category 5 or higher UTP cabling   Read more [...]

Download New Latest (May) Cisco 640-692 Actual Tests 21-30

Ensurepass  QUESTION 21 While performing password recovery on a Cisco device, the configuration register should be which value in order to bypass loading the startup configuration?   A. 0x2102 B. 0x2112 C. 0x2122 D. 0x2142   Answer: D     QUESTION 22 Which command initiates the copy of an IOS image to a Cisco device?   A. copy flash tftp B. copy tftp flash C. copy tftp ftp D. copy tftp nvram E. xmodem flash   Answer: B     Read more [...]

Download New Latest (May) Cisco 640-692 Actual Tests 11-20

Ensurepass  QUESTION 11 Which command initiates copying the saved configuration of a Cisco device to a TFTP server?   A. copy running-config tftp B. copy startup-config tftp C. copy tftp running-config D. copy tftp startup-config   Answer: B     QUESTION 12 What are two possible causes if an Ethernet interface is up and the line protocol is down? (Choose two)   A. The Ethernet cable might not be attached properly B. There is a speed or duplex mismatch Read more [...]

Download New Latest (May) Cisco 640-692 Actual Tests 1-10

Ensurepass Exam A   QUESTION 1 Refer to the exhibit.     Into which port do you insert the card?   A. ATM B. Gigabit Ethernet C. Serial D. Ethernet   Answer: B     QUESTION 2 Which IOS layer does a server use to keep track of which application communications in which conversation?   A. Transport B. Network C. Session D. Application   Answer: C     QUESTION 3 Which of the following best describes how to assign a static Read more [...]