[Free] Download New Updated (August 2016) Cisco 300-370 Real Exam 31-40

EnsurepassQUESTION 31 Which feature should a network engineer enable within a mixed-client network to ensure that the legacy client operates at the best possible rates?   A. ClientLink B. RRM C. DCA D. Band Select   Correct Answer: A     QUESTION 32 A wireless user is experiencing connectivity issues with their Mac OS laptop. If the Mac is exhibiting t he behavior of a "sticky client," how can the tech verity which AP the user is currently connected to?   Read more [...]

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EnsurepassQUESTION 21 An engineer is deploying a wireless infrastructure and must use Layer 2 discovery for access point association. Which configuration meets this requirement?   A. Configure the Access Points and WLC management interface on the same VLAN. B. Configure a DNS A RECORD to point to the controller. C. Configure option 43 on The APs DHCP scope. D. Configure the AP using a serial connection to indicate its controller.   Correct Answer: A     QUESTION Read more [...]

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EnsurepassQUESTION 11 Refer to the exhibit. Which statement describes how the Hand Select feature works on the wireless controller?     A. The access point uses the load balancing feature to move the clients to 5 Ghz. B. The access point changes the DTIM period on the 2 4 Ghz band. C. The access point recommends the band in the association response to the client. D. The access point ignores and delays the probe request of the client on the 2 4 Ghz.   Correct Answer: Read more [...]

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EnsurepassQUESTION 1 A mobile workstation in a factory contains an AP that is configured as a workgroup bridge. When the workstation moves, it loses connectivity and disrupts operation. What can the engineer implement to minimize roaming problems?   A. Use 802.1X authentication. B. Use Cisco Centralized Key Management for fast roaming. C. Use AES for encryption. D. Use the mobile station command.   Correct Answer: B     QUESTION 2 Refer to the exhibit. A new wireless Read more [...]