2013 Latest Pass4Sure 350-029 Exam Questions 96-100


What is the typical marked DSCP value for a voice signaling packet in VoIP technology?
B. AF41
C. AF21
E. AF31
Correct Answer: E

Which description of BGP authentication is true?
A. MD5 has been used by BGP to encrypt BGP update packets.
B. BGP uses a message-digest algorithm to authenticate BGP peers
C. A plain-text password authentication is an option of BGP authentication
D. EBGP peers authentication is faster than IBGP peers authentication
E. BGP uses public key and private key to authenticate BGP peers.
Correct Answer: B

When you design QoS on CE for an MPLS Layer 2 VPN, which three things should be considered? (Choose three.)
A. Layer 2 access link QoS design
B. enterprise-to-service-provider mapping models
C. Layer 3 link access QoS design
D. service provider service level agreements
E. Layer 2 link access load balancing
Correct Answer: ABD

Which three are the ATM cell header fields? (Choose three.)
A. cell loss priority (CLP)
B. discard eligibility (DE)
C. head error control (HEC)
D. generic flow control (GFC)
E. forward explicit congestion notification (FECN)
Correct Answer: ACD

What are the two benefits of graceful restart? (Choose two)
A. Graceful restart allows session information recovery without disruption to the network.
B. A node can perform a graceful restart to help a neighbor recover its state. The label bindings are kept on state information, which helps the failed node recover faster and does not affect the current forward traffic.
C. Graceful restart allows a node to recover state from its neighbor when there is no RP or before the device undergoes SSO.
D. Graceful restart does not allow session information recovery.
E. During a graceful restart, the router removes any stale prefixes after a timer for stale entries expires
Correct Answer: AB

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