2013 Latest Pass4Sure 350-029 Exam Questions 66-70


Which two statements about RPF checks in Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) are true? (Choose two)
A. RPF Check should be done against the route to the source of the corresponding PIM- SM domain.
B. checking session advertisement (SA) messages causes massages looping.
C. The RPF check ensures that there is a working redundancy for anycast RPs.
D. RPF Check should be done against the route to the RP of the PIM-SM domain that originated the SA.
E. It prevents message looping, and session advertisement (SA) messages must be RPF checked.
Correct Answer: DE

When will the primary processor core dump run in case of a switchover?
A. never takes place
B. periodically
C. during switchover
D. after switchover
E. before switchover
Correct Answer: D
In networking devices with redundant processors, the Post-Switchover Core Dump feature uses better software communication techniques between redundant processors to allow the switchover to occur before dumping core information. Not having to wait for dump operations effectively decreases the switchover time between processors. The newly active primary processor runs the core dump operation after switchover

What is the label for MPLS over ATM?
A. VPI 16
C. VPI and VCI
D. circuit number
E. PVC and SVC
Correct Answer: C

Which statement about MPLS traffic engineering policy-based tunnel selection (PBTS) is not true?
A. The tunnel that is not configured with the policy-class command acts as the default.
B. EXP selection is between multiple tunnels to the same destination
C. There is no requirement for IGP extensions
D. Tunnels are configured using the policy-class command and carry multiple EXP values.
E. It supports VRF traffic, IP-to-MPLS switching, and MPLS-to-MPLS switching
Correct Answer: D

What is one of the primary overhead fields associated with the Optical Payload Unit (OPU)?
A. path monitoring
B. tandem connection monitoring activation deactivation (TCM ACT)
C. Payload Structure Identifier (PSI)
D. multiframe alignment signal (MFAS)
E. section monitoring
Correct Answer: C

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