2013 Latest Pass4Sure 350-029 Exam Questions 331-335


Which statement is FALSE concerning the interleave depth value?
A. A higher interleave depth provides more protection from burst of noise on the HFC network
B. Higher interleave depth increase downstream latency.
C. Lower interleave depth cause some packet loss on typical HFC networks
D. None ofthe above
Correct Answer: D

What is the effect of turning on all available downstream carrier tones in a DMT DSL transmission systems?
A. Downstream RS error correction effectiveness is reduced.
B. The downstream line rate and throughput remains unchanged, but FEC efficiency is reduced.
C. The upstream DSL bandwidth is reduced, since less carriers become available for upstream traffic.
D. The downstream DSL bandwidth is increased.
Correct Answer: D

What is the purpose of Dual Ring Interconnect with D C for SDH rings?
A. Protects signals when a ring switch fails
B. Protects signals when multiple span switches fail
C. Protects pre-emptible traffic from being dropped when a ring switch occurs
D. Protects signals against any combination of link failure in each ring
Correct Answer: D

MPLS label mapping on an LSR is displayed by which IOS command?
A. Show mpls Idp neighbor detail
B. Show mpls Idp bindings
C. Show mpls Idp parameters
D. Show mpls Idp discovery
Correct Answer: B

In a cable HFC plant, what is a modulator?
A. Set top box
B. Diplex filter
C. Local head end
D. Fiber node
Correct Answer: A

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