2013 Latest Pass4Sure 350-029 Exam Questions 281-285


What are the differences between LLQ and CBWFQ? (Choose two.)
A. LLQ priority queue bandwidth is policed with a congestion aware policer.
B. With LLQ, bandwidth allocations for the priority queue and all the CBWFQ queues are configured using the priority command.
C. LLQ does not support WFQ on the default traffic class (class-default).
D. LLQ supports the addition of strict priority queuing.
E. LLQ is configured using MQC and CBWFQ is configured using the fair-queue command.
Correct Answer: AD

Which command will display the MPLS label binding for IP prefix on the router?
A. All of the above.
B. show tag-switching tdp binding
C. show tag-switching tdp bindings neighbor
D. A and B both will show the binding.
E. show tag-switching interface e0/0
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following statements regarding Selective Packet Discard(SPD) is correct?
A. Selective Packet Discard(SPD) is a mechanism to drop non-routing packets instead of routing packets when the process level queue is congested.
B. Selective Packet Discard(SPD) is a mechanism to drop normal IP packets instead of VOIP packets when the link is overloaded
C. None of above.
D. Selective Packet Discard(SPD) is a mechanism to drop Frame Relay frames with the DE bit set instead of Frame Relay frames DE bits without being set when the link is overloaded
E. Selective Packet Discard(SPD) is a mechanism to drop packets with low IP precedence instead of packets with high IP precedence when the link is overloaded
Correct Answer: A

What is true regarding Autonomous Systems (AS )?
A. All of the Above
B. AS numbers are assigned by the IANA
C. AS numbers are used by BGP (Border Gateway protocol ) to exchange IP routing information with neighboring AS
D. In the internet, an Autonomous System (AS) is a collection of IP networks and routers under the control
Correct Answer: A

If the OSPF protocol is used to connect customer edge (CE) routers to service provider edge (PE) routers in the VPN backbone, which two options best describe the use of SHAM links?
A. A sham-link is created between any twoo VPN sites that belong to the same OSPF area and share an
OSPF backdoor link
B. A sham-link is seen as an intra-area link between PE routers,an OSPF adjacency is created and database is exchanged
C. A SHAM link is created between two directly connected PE routers so that it is preferred over the low speed backdoor door
D. A SHAM link is part of OSPF network of MPLS-VPN provider.
Correct Answer: AB

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