2013 Latest Pass4Sure 350-029 Exam Questions 26-30


Refer to the exhibit
Inbound Infrastructure ACLs are configured to protect the SP network. Which three types of traffic should be filtered in the infrastructure ACLs? (Choose three.)
A. traffic from a source with an IP address that is within
B. FTP traffic destined for internal routers
C. IPsec traffic that at an internal router
D. traffic from a source with an IP address that is within
E. EBGP traffic that peers with edge routers
Correct Answer: ABD

Which tree of these are types of Ethernet Virtue Connections (EVCs) in the MEF concept? (Choose three)
A. multipoint-to-multipoint EVC (E-LAN)
B. hub spoke EVC (E-Tree)
C. point to point EVC (E-Line)
D. rooted multipoint EVC (E-Tree)
E. point-to-multipoint EVC (E-Tree)
Correct Answer: ACD

Which two statements about OSPF IPv6 routing are true? (Choose two)
A. It requires OSPF version 3.
B. automatically detects neighbors over NHMA interfaces
C. It supports encryption using
D. It uses LSA type 9
E. It uses LSA type 8
Correct Answer: AE

In the Cisco Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP), how many ports are always blocking?
A. zero
B. at least one
C. at least two
D. at least four
E. at least three
Correct Answer: E

Which statement about ATM AAL5 over MPLS is true?
A. It supports ATM signaling.
B. It supports traffic shaping of packets in MPLS to the ATM path.
C. It supports ATM switched virtual circuits
D. It supports fragmentation and reassembly.
E. It supports AAL5 SDU switching
Correct Answer: E

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