2013 Latest Pass4Sure 350-029 Exam Questions 161-165


Which two statements regarding the IS-IS DIS election process are true? (Choose Two.)
A. L1 routers on a broadcast network only establish adjacencies with the DIS.
B. If the DIS becomes unavailable the backup DIS is promoted to DIS.
C. Adding a router with a higher priority than the current DIS will result in the new router becoming DIS.
D. Separate L1 and L2 election processes are held on a brodcast network.
E. A priority of 0 will prevent a router from becoming a DIS.
F. If there is a tie based on priority, the router whose attached interface has the lowest MAC address becomes the DIS.
Correct Answer: CD

What is jitter?
A. The total end-to-end delay
B. The time it takes for the bits to transit the physical media.
C. The delay caused by placing the bits on the wire.
D. The variations of delay.
Correct Answer: D

Which two statements best describe the signalling requirements of virtual circuit setup of VPLS and exchange of reachability information (MAC addresses)?
A. Cisco VPLS does not require the exchange of reachability (MAC addresses) information via a signaling protocol. This information is learned from the data plane using standard address learning, aging, and filtering mechanisms defined for Ethernet bridging.
B. Cisco VPLS uses directed LDP as a signalling protocol to exchange reachability (MAC addresses)
information to avoid maintanance of ARP cache.
C. In Cisco VPLS the virtual circuit setup uses Multi-Protocol BGP as autodiscovery and signaling mechanism. Using BGP allows BPDUs to be propagated across VPLS in a scaleable fashion.
D. In Cisco VPLS the virtual circuit setup uses the same LDP signaling mechanism defined for point-to- point services. Using a directed LDP session, each provider edge advertises a virtual circuit label mapping that is used as part of the label stack imposed on the Ethernet frames by the ingress provider edge during packet forwarding.
Correct Answer: AD

What bit should be set in the link state PDUs in an IS-IS level-1-2 router to indicate that they are a potential exit point out of the area ?
A. ATT (Attached )bit
B. ABR (Area Border Rorter ) bit
C. PN (Pseudonode )biy
D. P(Partition) bit
E. Down bit
F. IS-Type bits
Correct Answer: A

Select the two answers that best describe the IP Event Dampening feature:
A. The IP Event Dampening uses exponential decay mechanism to suppress the effects of excessive interface flapping
B. BGP Operators use IP Event Dampening to suppress the effect of unstable internet Routes
C. The IP Event Dampening works with routing protocols by stopping the announcement of dampened
Interface subnets in their updates
D. When IP Event Dampened internet routes resch their re-use limit, BGP installs them in the Routing
Table and announces them to other BGP speakers
Correct Answer: AC

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