2013 Latest Pass4Sure 350-029 Exam Questions 116-120


What are three common reasons for ATM CRC errors? (Choose three.)
A. Incorrect VPI and VCI configuration
B. Noise, gain hits, or other transmission problems on the data link equipment
C. ATM cells are dropped due to incorrect ATM routing in the service provider.
D. A faulty or failing ATM interface.
E. Cells are dropped due to traffic policing in the ATM cloud on one or more virtual circuits attached to the
ATM interface.
Correct Answer: BDE

Refer to the exhibit.
The service provider is an MPLS and IPv4 enabled network. Which two approaches can enable IPv6 tunneling between site A and site B over the backbone? (Choose two.)
A. IPv6 customer premise (6CP) over MPLS
B. IPv6 VPN provider edge (6VPE) over MPLS
C. IPv6 virtual forwarding (6VF) over MPLS
D. IPv6 forwarding instance (6FI) over MPLS
E. IPv6 provider edge router (6PE) over MPLS
Correct Answer: BE

How many messages does internet Key Exchange use to negotiate SA characteristics when running in main mode?
A. 3 messages
B. 6 messages
C. 4 messages
D. 2 messages
E. 5 messages
Correct Answer: B

Which three protocols use TLVs to carry attributes? (Choose three.)
A. Cisco Discovery Protocol
B. Label Discovery Protocol
C. Border Gateway Protocol
E. RIP version 2
Correct Answer: ABC

Which statements about the Route Target Rewrite feature are not true? (Choose two.)
A. After the route target replacement policy is applied to the target router, the BGP session need not be refreshed manually to put the policy into operation.
B. Route Target Rewrite allows the administration of the routing policy to stay local to the AS.
C. Route target replacement is always done by the ASBR.
D. Route target rewrites are supported for VRF export maps.
E. Route target replacement can be done on incoming and outgoing BGP updates.
Correct Answer: AC

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