2013 Latest Cisco DESGN (640-864) Exam 46-50

2013 Latest Cisco Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions Exam DESGN v2.1 640-864 EXAM download 46-50

DataQuirk is a web-based medical transcription company for exotic-animal veterinarians. The company recently added a third ISP for international business. They are organizing the enterprise network into a fully operational Enterprise Edge.
To which two modules will the three ISPs be directly related? (Choose two.)
B. E-commerce
D. Edge Distribution
E. internet Connectivity
F. Remote Access VPN
Correct Answer: BE
Section: Design Explanation
The purpose of ISP link is for serving customers and it is also providing internet connectivity to internal and external users, thus it falls into above two categories. Link: http://leaman.org/ccna4/Chap_1.pdf

Refer to the exhibit.
A standard, Layer 2 campus network design is pictured. Which numbered box represents the distribution layer?
A. #1
B. #3
C. #4
D. #2
Correct Answer: D
Section: Architecture Explanation
#1 Access #2 Distribution #3 Core #4 Server Farm / Data Center #5 WAN Module #1 C is the access layer, since it interfaces directly with the clients #3 C is the core layer, since these switches have a direct connection (highest resiliency) and they interface directly with the WAN module #4 C is the datacenter layer, because it interfaces directly with the campus servers #5 C is the WAN module, it interfaces with the internet

Which codec does Cisco recommend for WAN links?
A. G.711
B. G.723
C. G.728
D. G.729
Correct Answer: D
Section: Voice Video Explanation
Codec Standards
Codecs transform analog signals into a digital bit stream and digital signals back into analog signals. Figure 14-14 shows that an analog signal is digitized with a coder for digital transport. The decoder converts the digital signal into analog form.
Each codec provides a certain quality of speech. Each codec provides a certain level of fidelity to the original audio, or quality of speech. The term mean opinion score (MOS) is used to rate the fidelity for a codec. A MOS score is not a scientific measure. Instead, it is a rating determined by sampling the output to a large group of listeners who judge the audio fidelity from 1 (bad) to 5 (best). The scores are then averaged to provide the MOS for each codec. For example, the established MOS score for G.711 is 4.1, and G.729 is 3.92. The default codec setting for VoIP dial peers in Cisco IOS software is G.729 (g729r8), but this can be configured with= several other options, including G.711. Other codec standards are shown in Table 14-8. An Explanation: of the compression techniques is beyond the scope of the CCDA test.
Table. Codec Standards
Cisco Press CCDA 640-864 Official Certification Guide Fourth Edition, Chapter 14

The enterprise campus core layer has requirements that are unique from the distribution and access layers. Which of the following is true about the core layer?
A. The core layer provides convergence using Layer 2 and Layer 3 services and features.
B. The core layer provides high availability to support the distribution layer connections to the enterprise edge.
C. The campus core layer is optional.
D. The core layer requires high performance to manage the traffic policing across the backbone.
Correct Answer: C
Section: Design Explanation

Refer to the exhibit.
Which statement is true concerning enterprise edge distribution switches?
A. The speed of switching is the most critical feature.
B. Security requirements are offloaded to the other modules for performance reasons.
C. Edge distribution switches are only required when using a collapsed core backbone.
D. Enterprise edge distribution switches are similar to the building distribution layer.
Correct Answer: D
Section: Architecture Explanation

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