2013 Latest Cisco DESGN (640-864) Exam 231-235

2013 Latest Cisco Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions Exam DESGN v2.1 640-864 EXAM download 231-235

When designing using the Cisco Enterprise Architecture, in which Enterprise Campus layer does the Enterprise Teleworker module establish its connection?
A. Building Core
B. Building Access
C. Enterprise Branch
D. Enterprise Data Center
E. WAN/Internet
Correct Answer: E
Section: Architecture Explanation

Enterprise Teleworker Module

The enterprise teleworker module consists of a small office or a mobile user who needs to access services of the enterprise campus. As shown in Figure 2-14, mobile users connect from their homes, hotels, or other locations using dialup or Internet access lines. VPN clients are used to allow mobile users to securely access enterprise applications. The Cisco Virtual Office solution provides a solution for teleworkers that is centrally managed using small integrated service routers (ISR) in the VPN solution. IP phone capabilities are also provided in the Cisco Virtual Office solution, providing corporate voice services for mobile users.
Figure 2-14. Enterprise Teleworker Solution Internet Connectivity Module
The Internet submodule of the enterprise edge provides services such as public servers, email, and DNS. Connectivity to one or several Internet service providers (ISP) is also provided. Components of this submodule include:

Firewall and firewall routers: Provide protection of resources, stateful filtering of traffic, and VPN termination for remote sites and users

Internet edge routers: Provide basic filtering and multilayer connectivity

FTP and HTTP servers: Provide for web applications that interface the enterprise with the world via the public Internet

SMTP relay servers: Act as relays between the Internet and the intranet mail servers.

DNS servers: Serve as authoritative external DNS server for the enterprise and relay internal requests to the Internet
Cisco Press CCDA 640-864 Official Certification Guide Fourth Edition, Chapter 2

Which three of these are layers in the Cisco SONA Architecture? (Choose three.)
A. Application
B. Physical
C. Presentation
D. Integrated Transport
E. Interactive Services
F. Networked Infrastructure
Correct Answer: AEF
Section: Architecture Explanation
The Cisco Service-Oriented Network Architecture (SONA) framework outlines how enterprises can evolve their IT infrastructure into an Intelligent Information Network that accelerates applications, business processes and resources, and enables IT to have a greater impact on business. The architectural framework shows how integrated systems across a fully converged network allow flexibility, while standardization and virtualization of resources increases efficiency. SONA extends Ciscos tested and proven network designs in the Data Center, Campus, WAN/MAN, Teleworker and Branch, to securely and reliably enable business applications. It leverages the solutions, services and experience of Cisco and its partners. Since SONA was announced in December 2005 Cisco has delivered several new solutions that support SONA, added to our portfolio of lifecycle services and worked with customers and partners to explore ways to enhance SONA for global enterprises.

What is the benefit of VLSM?
A. reduces configuration complexity by using the same subnet mask length
B. reduces the routing table size by using automatic route summarization
C. reduces the routing table size by using manual route summarization
D. allows the subnet mask and classful routing updates to be advertised
E. secures the hosts on a subnet by using RFC 1918 addresses
Correct Answer: C
Section: IP addressing Explanation

You are performing an audit of a customer’s existing network and need to obtain the following router information:
Interfaces running processes IOS image being executed
Which command should you use?
A. show version
B. show tech-support
C. show startup-config
D. show running-config
E. show processes memory
Correct Answer: B
Section: Management – Operations Explanation

What is the recommended spanning tree protocol to use for all Layer 2 deployments in a branch office environment?
E. Rapid PVST +
Correct Answer: E
Section: STP

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