2013 Latest Cisco DESGN (640-864) Exam 211-215


Which answer is correct about routing metrics?
A. If the metric is cost, the path with the highest cost is selected.
B. If the metric is bandwidth, the path with the highest bandwidth is selected.
C. If the metric is bandwidth, the path with the lowest bandwidth is selected.
D. If the metric is bandwidth, the highest sum of the bandwidth is used to calculate the highest
Correct Answer: B
Section: Routing Explanation

Where do you put DNS and DHCP on Enterprise model? Select two.
A. Enterprise campus Server Farm Module
B. Enterprise edge
C. SP Edge Premise
D. Enterprise Branch
Correct Answer: AD
Section: Design Explanation
One important note for the CCDA to remember is to place DNS servers in the Enterprise Campus Server Farm module and Enterprise Branch of the Enterprise Campus architecture (see Figure 8-7).
Figure. DHCP and DNS Servers in the Network
Cisco Press CCDA 640-864 Official Certification Guide Fourth Edition, Chapter 8 (Page 295)

Which two of these are functions of an access point in a Split MAC Network Architecture? (Choose two.)
A. EAP Authentication
B. MAC layer encryption or decryption
C. 802.1Q encapsulation
D. Process probe response
Correct Answer: BD
Section: Wireless Explanation

Cisco Unified Wireless Network Split-MAC Architecture

With the Cisco UWN split-MAC operation, the control and data messages are split. LWAPs communicate with the WLCs using control messages over the wired network. LWAPP or CAPWAP data messages are encapsulated and forwarded to and from wireless clients. The WLC manages multiple APs, providing configuration information and firmware updates as needed.
Cisco Press CCDA 640-864 Official Certification Guide Fourth Edition, Chapter 5

Data link switching is typically used in which Enterprise Campus Module layer?
A. Server Farm
B. Campus Core
C. Building Access
D. Building Distribution
E. Internet Connectivity
Correct Answer: C
Section: Architecture Explanation
In the most general model, the Building Access layer uses Layer 2 switching (or Data link switching), and the Building Distribution layer uses multilayer switching.

Which three of these are components of the North American Numbering Plan? (Choose three.)
A. Numbering Plan Area
B. country code
C. prefix
D. zone
E. line number
F. trunk channel
Correct Answer: ACE
Section: Voice Video Explanation
NANP has the address format of NXX-NXX-XXXX, where N is any number from 2 to 9 and X is any number from 0 to 9. The rst three digits identify the numbering plan area and are commonly called the area code. The address is further divided into the office code (also known as prefix) and line number. The prefix is three digits, and the line number is four digits. The line number identifies the phone.

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