2013 Latest Cisco DESGN (640-864) Exam 116-120


You are designing a small branch office that requires these attributes: support for 60 users the growth capacity to add another 15 users soon redundant access higher bandwidth between the Layer 2 switch and routing to the WAN
Which branch office topology or technology must be used?
A. EtherChannel
B. loop-free
C. three-tier
D. two-tier
E. integrated routing and switching
Correct Answer: D
Section: Design Explanation
Etherchannel is not a topology but 60 + 15 – 75 users is not a small office

Small office: Up to 50 users (single-tier design)

Medium office: Between 50 and 100 users (dual-tier design)

Large office: Between 100 and 1000 users (three-tier design)

Western Associated News Agency recently acquired a large news organization with several sites, which will allow it to expand to worldwide markets. The new acquisition includes these connectivity technologies:
Frame Relay ATM SONET cable DSL wireless
From a Layer 1 viewpoint, which Enterprise Edge module will be most affected?
A. Internet Connectivity
B. E-Commerce
D. Edge Distribution
Correct Answer: F
Section: WAN VPN Explanation

Which two implementation plan principles best describe how to deal with potential failures? (Choose two.)
A. A table of failure points, rollback steps, and estimated rollback times.
B. A good implementation plan.
C. A test should be included at every step.
D. A detailed rollback procedure for each implementation step.
E. A successful test network test.
Correct Answer: CD
Section: PPDIOO Explanation
Implement Phase
New equipment is installed and configured, according to design specifications, in the Implement phase. New devices replace or augment the existing infrastructure. The project plan is followed during this phase. Planned network changes should be communicated in change control meetings, with necessary approvals to proceed. Each step in the implementation should include a description, detailed implementation guidelines, estimated time to implement, rollback steps in case of a failure, and any additional reference information. As changes are implemented they are also tested before moving to the Operate phase.

Refer to the exhibit. You are documenting the existing network of a customer with a large installed Cisco network. The routers listed are in use on the network.
Which two additional pieces of information would be the most valuable in completing your documentation of these routers? (Choose two.)
A. software revisions
B. interface options
C. power requirements
D. error statistics
E. management protocols
Correct Answer: AB
Section: WAN VPN Explanation

Which of these is the next step after the design phase in the PPDIOO process?
A. Develop a high-level migration plan.
B. Develop the implementation plan in as much detail as possible.
C. Create a pilot or a prototype network.
D. Identify which network management protocol will be used for which function.
E. Order the equipment.
Correct Answer: B
Section: PPDIOO
The Implement phase begins after the design phase has been finished. In this phase, new devices are installed, configured and tested according to the design specifications.

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