2013 Latest CCNA Voice 640-461 Real Exam Question 21-25


Which two steps are not necessary when enabling an end user for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator? (Choose two)
A. Assign license capabilities
B. Subscribe phone service
C. Create a CSF device
D. Configure the owner user ID
Correct Answer: BD Section: Unified Personal Communicator Explanation

A new phone has been added to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server. The phone display shows Your Current Options, but when the New Call softkey is pressed, no dial tone is heard and the call cannot be placed. What could be the cause of this issue?
A. An incorrect MAC address has been entered for the new phone.
B. No directory number has been assigned to a line.
C. The end user is not associated with the device.
D. No calling search space has been configured on the line.
E. An incorrect device pool has been configured on the phone.
Correct Answer: B Section: CUCM Explanation
A Cisco Unified CME system uses the following basic building blocks:
Ephone or voice register pool – A software concept that usually represents a physical telephone, although it is also used to represent a port that connects to a voice-mail system, and provides the ability to configure a physical phone using Cisco IOS software. Each phone can have multiple extensions associated with it and a single extension can be assigned to multiple phones. Maximum number of ephones and voice register pools supported in a Cisco Unified CME system is equal to the maximum number of physical phones that can be connected to the system.
Directory number – A software concept that represents the line that connects a voice channel to a phone. A directory number represents a virtual voice port in the Cisco Unified CME system, so the maximum number of directory numbers supported in Cisco Unified CME is the maximum number of simultaneous call connections that can occur. This concept is different from the maximum number of physical lines in a traditional telephony system.

What Cisco client application allows administrators to interact with performance monitoring counters to assist in determining the overall health of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server?
A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration
B. Cisco Unified Real-Time Monitoring Tool
C. Cisco Unified OS Administration
D. CAR Tool
E. BAT Tool
Correct Answer: B Section: CUCM Explanation
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Guide provides instructions for administering the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Cisco Unified Communications Operating System Administration allows you to configure and manage the Cisco Unified Communications Operating System. CAR denotes to CDR analysis and reporting tool, The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Bulk Administration Tool (BAT), a web-based application, performs bulk transactions to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager database. BAT lets you add,update, or delete a large number of similar phones, users, or ports at the same time. When you use Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, each database transaction requires an individual manual operation, while BAT automates the process and achieves faster add, update, and delete operations.

Which report can be generated by using the User Reports feature of the CAR tool?
A. Traffic
B. TopN
C. Malicious Call Details
D. CDR Error
Correct Answer: B Section: CUCM Explanation
Users, managers, and CAR administrators can generate user reports. CAR includes the following user reports: Bills, Top N, FAC/CMCC, CDR error and malicious call details are system report.

After changes are made to an IP phone, which reset method is the fastest to bring the phone back into service?
A. drop
B. restart
C. reset
D. shutdown
E. shut and no shut
Correct Answer: B Section: CUCME Explanation
reset Command————>Takes longer to process when updating multiple phones.
restart Command———->Faster processing for multiple phones.
restart- Performs a fast reboot of the specified phone or all phones running SCCP associated with this
Cisco Unified CME router. Does not contact the DHCP server for updated information



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