2013 Latest CCIE Voice Written 350-030 Exam 81-85


Refer to the exhibit.
In this IPv4 packet, which bits in the ToS byte are used for IP precedence?
A. bits 0to2
B. bits 2to4
C. bits 4to7
D. bits 5to7
Correct Answer: C

Your client has a business requirement that mandates exact DTMF durations being passed end- to-end across an H.323 VoIP infrastructure. Which two DTMF relay methods meet the client requirement? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco RTP
B. H.245 signal
C. H.245 alphanumeric
E. H.225 Notify
F. in-band voice
Correct Answer: BD

Cisco Unified Communications Manager generates different types of alarms to indicate system- or process-related problems. “Code Yellow” is one of these alarms. Which of these system or process exceptions will trigger a Code Yellow alarm on Cisco Unified Communications Manager?
A. when a hard drive fails
B. when there is a memory leak
C. when the Cisco Unified Communications Manager application generates a core dump
D. when a database replication problem arises
E. when calls are throttled because of an unacceptably high delay in call handling
Correct Answer: E

In which two circumstances would Cisco Unified Communications Manager accept inbound H.323 calls from unknown IP hosts? (Choose two.)
A. when inbound H.323 calls are routed via gatekeeper-controlled trunks
B. when inbound calls are routed via intercluster trunks
C. after administrators have changed the Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusterwide service parameter of “Accept Unknown TCP connection” to true
D. when inbound H.323 calls are routed via non-gatekeeper-controlled trunks
E. when inbound calls are routed using H.323 fast start
F. after administrators have changed the Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusterwide service parameter of “Unknown Caller ID Flag” to true
Correct Answer: AC

The Cisco UMR feature allows Cisco Unity to take outside caller messages while their Exchange Server is unavailable. Which two statements about Cisco UMR are incorrect? (Choose two.)
A. If the Cisco Unity primary Exchange Server goes offline, all subscribers hear the UMR conversation.
B. Cisco Unity messages, deposited while the Message Store is down, will have different time stamps after the Message Store returns to service and handles the message delivery.
C. When Cisco Unity moves messages from Cisco UMR to the Exchange Server, all messages appear as new even if they were listened to using the UMR conversation, thus also triggering MWIs.
D. Cisco Unity does not light MWIs for messages that arrived during an outage and are in Cisco UMR.
E. The Cisco UMR messages that Cisco Unity handled during an Exchange outage are stored in the local directory at “C:CommserverUnityMTA”. This path is hardcoded and cannot be changed after the Cisco Unity installation.
F. During an Exchange outage, messages to the unaddressed message distribution lists appear in Cisco UMR and can be accessed by all members of the list.
Correct Answer: EF

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