2013 Latest CCIE Voice Written 350-030 Exam 21-25


Which three attributes correctly describe aspects of MGCP? (Choose three.)
A. peer-to-peer
B. Master/Slave
C. call preservation on gateway failover from one Cisco Unified Communications Manager server to another
D. communication with Cisco Unified Communications Manager handled via a proxy server
E. centralized dial plan management
F. intelligent endpoints
Correct Answer: BCE

In a VoIP deployment, which two protocols satisfy the following three requirements? (Choose two.)
Requirement 1: the protocol has a mechanism for a centralized dial-plan
Requirement 2: the endpoints are considered to be unintelligent
Requirement 3: the protocol is text-based
B. H.323
Correct Answer: CD

When implementing PRI backhaul for an MGCP gateway and Cisco Unified Communications Manager, the
Q.921 data-link protocol is terminated on which device?
A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
B. MGCP gateway
C. signaling link terminal
D. the IP end device, such as an IP phone
Correct Answer: B

What occurs if the system clocks are not synchronized between the sender and receiver of an RTP stream?
A. Packets can be placed in sequence but jitter cannot be compensated for.
B. Packets cannot be reordered, because sequence and jitter cannot be compensated for.
C. Jitter can be compensated for, but packets cannot be reordered if they arrive out of sequence.
D. Packets may be reordered and jitter may be compensated for, because the timestamp is not related to the system time.
E. When the RTP stream is opened, the sender and receiver synchronize their clocks before the stream commences so that packet sequencing and dejitter will function correctly.
Correct Answer: D

On which gateway or gatekeeper is the IOS command call-rsvp-sync resv-timer 10 used to set the timer?
A. originating VoIP gateway for completing RSVP reservation setups in 10 seconds
B. originating and terminating VoIP gateway for completing RSVP reservation setups in 10 seconds
C. terminating VoIP gateway for completing RSVP reservation setups in 10 seconds
D. VoIP gatekeeper for completing RSVP reservation setups in 10 seconds
Correct Answer: C

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