2013 Latest CCIE Voice Written 350-030 Exam 151-155


Which delay in a VoIP network is also known as accumulation delay?
A. coder delay
B. network switching delay
C. queuing delay
D. packetization delay
E. dejitter delay
Correct Answer: D

Which statement about coder delay in a VoIP network is correct?

A. Coder delay is the time that is taken to fill a packet payload with encoded/compressed speech.
B. Coder delay is also known as algorithmic delay.
C. Coder delay transforms a variable delay into a fixed delay.
D. Coder delay varies with the voice coder that is used and the processor speed.
E. Coder delay compensates for network switching delay.
Correct Answer: D

Which Cisco IOS command is used to define the size of the jitter buffer on Cisco IOS VoIP gateways?
A. jitter-buffer
B. expect-factor
C. acc-qos
D. playout-delay
E. dejitter-buffer
Correct Answer: D

Which three Cisco IOS commands can be used to verify configured playout delay values on Cisco VoIP gateways? (Choose three.)
A. show voice call summary
B. show call active voice
C. show dial-peer voice tag number for dial peer
D. show voice port voice interface number
E. show voice dsp detail
F. show voice accounting method
Correct Answer: BCD

Which two characteristics about traffic shaping on Cisco IOS VoIP gateways are incorrect? (Choose two.)
A. Traffic shaping propagates burst.
B. Traffic shaping buffers and queues excess packets above the committed rates.
C. Traffic shaping token values are configured in bits per second.
D. Traffic shaping is applicable to both inbound and outbound traffic.
E. FRTS and generic traffic shaping are two ways of implementing traffic shaping.
F. Traffic shaping could introduce delays becaus of deep queues.
Correct Answer: AD

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