2013 Latest CCIE Voice Written 350-030 Exam 141-145


Which of these best describes the “Incoming ACL” configuration on Cisco Unified Presence?
A. permits incoming packets to Cisco Unified Presence
B. bypasses digest authentication
C. allows instant messages
D. allows incoming certificates to Cisco Unified Presence
E. filters incoming presence status requests
Correct Answer: B

Which Cisco tool can be used to capture packets on Cisco Unified Presence?
A. Cisco Unified Presence CLI
B. System Troubleshooter on the Cisco Unified Presence web portal
C. Cisco Unified RTMT
D. Cisco Unified Presence “Cisco Unified Serviceability” web portal
E. Cisco Unified Presence “Cisco Unified OS Administration” web portal
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
User “jdoe” was not able to download voice mail with his Cisco Unified Personal Communicator. Which configuration change on the Voicemail Profile Configuration page on Cisco Unified Presence is most likely to solve this problem?
A. Change the Name field to the IP address.
B. Select the appropriate option in the Voice Messaging Pilot field.
C. Select the appropriate option in the Primary Voicemail Server field.
D. Select the appropriate option in the Primary Mailstore field.
E. Check the “Make this the default Voicemail Profile for the system” check box.
Correct Answer: D

Which two Cisco Unified Contact Center Express system components do not support integration redundancy? (Choose two.)

A. CTI ports
B. AXL service
C. Cisco Unified CM Telephony trigger
E. dialog groups
F. HTTP trigger
Correct Answer: DF

Which three statements about the Outbound Dialer solution on Cisco Unified Contact Center Express are correct? (Choose three.)
A. The Outbound Dialer can make a call as long as the CTI port is available.
B. In a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express high-availability system, the Outbound Dialer would not be functional if one of the database nodes is down.
C. When the Outbound Dialer makes a call to an invalid number, the system disconnects the call automatically and will not involve any agent.
D. The Outbound Dialer cannot use the Cisco IP Phone Agent to make calls.
E. When the Outbound Dialer selects an agent to take a call, the agent will be given a choice whether to accept the call.
Correct Answer: BDE

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