2013 Latest CCIE Voice Written 350-030 Exam 136-140


Refer to the exhibit.
What is the correct duration, in milliseconds, of the DTMF digit that is received?
A. 30
B. 40
C. 60
D. 65
E. 101
Correct Answer: C

Which three services must be activated on Cisco Unified Presence in order for presence and instant messaging to be functional? (Choose three.)
A. Cisco Unified Presence SIP Proxy
B. Cisco AXL Web Service
C. Cisco Bulk Provisioning Service
D. Cisco Unified Presence Engine
E. Cisco Unified Presence Sync Agent
F. Cisco Serviceability Reporter
Correct Answer: ADE

Which Cisco Unified Presence service parameter must be modified from the default value in order for presence and instant messaging to be functional?
A. server name
B. server IP address
C. DNS domain
D. SIP proxy domain
E. enable presence
Correct Answer: D

What is required to back up Cisco Unified Presence configuration?
A. tape backup device
B. USB hard disk
C. FTP server
D. SFTP server
E. TFTP server
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.

Which of the certificates that are shown must be uploaded to Cisco Unified Presence when integrating the calendar with Exchange Server “email.cisco.com”?
A. DST Root CA X3 only
B. Cisco SSCA only
C. email.cisco.com only
D. DST Root CA X3 and Cisco SSCA
E. Cisco SSCA and email.cisco.com
Correct Answer: D

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