2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 96-100


Which statement about IDS/IPS design is correct?
A. An IPS should be deployed if the security policy does not support the denial of traffic. B. An IPS analyzes a copy of the monitored traffic and not the actual forwarded packet. C. An IDS analyzes a copy of the monitored traffic and not the actual forwarded packet.
D. Bandwidth considerations must be taken into account since IDS is deployed inline to traffic flow.
Correct Answer: C

You are a network engineer for the P4S Ltd. You are measuring one-way delay between two campus networks connected through an MPLS network. One campus is in Chicago and the other is in Dallas. The company has one appliance at each campus with which to
measure the delay.
Which of the following is a must for the two appliances in order for the engineer to measure one-way delay with the best possible
A. connections to the CE routers
B. a common TOD reference source
C. a local Stratum 1 clock source
D. the same physical interface to the network
Correct Answer: B

Which control plane problem can be prevented by implementing QoS, and how to eliminate the problem?
A. BGP instability, by prioritizing Precedence 6 traffic (per RFC 791)
B. OSPF instability, by using WRED to prioritize Precedence 6 routing updates (per RFC 791) C. OSPF instability, by remarking to Precedence 6 (per RFC 791)
D. BGP instability, by means of traffic shaping updates (per RFC 791)
Correct Answer: A

Study the following exhibit carefully, in which area should you put the link between router P4S-RA and router P4S-RB in order to avoid suboptimal routing?
A. area 1
B. area 3
C. area 4
D. area 1, and create a virtual link between routers P4S-RA and P4S-RB
Correct Answer: D

What are disadvantages to storage directly attached to the application servers? (Choose three.)
A. reliability
B. scalability
C. redundancy
D. manageability
Correct Answer: BCD

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