2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 86-90


Which description is correct about SNMPv3?
A. It expands the SNMP Response protocol message so that the message must be used by managers in response to traps sent by
B. It adds the GetNext protocol message. C. It provides authentication.
D. It adds the Inform protocol message.
Correct Answer: C

You are the network consultant from P4S. One of your
customer has six sites, three of which process a large amount of traffic among them. He plans to grow the number of sites in the future. Which is the most appropriate design topology?
A. full mesh
B. peer-to-peer
C. partial mesh
D. hub and spoke
Correct Answer: C

A service provider is offering four classes of service, with each class mapped to a separate queue. Some customers complain about
receiving out-of-order packets, which cause application degradation. Which QoS policy activity most likely causes these out-of-order packets?
A. remarking
B. traffic shaping
C. policing
Correct Answer: A

You are a network administrator for the P4S Ltd. You are tasked to add a new OSPF router to an existing network. Later, you
discover that two existing routers in the same area as the new router are using different MD5 keys to authenticate their neighbor
Which option is correct if the new router is connected by means of a separate interface?
A. The three routers need to be in three different areas.
B. The MD5 keys on the two neighboring routers must be changed to the same key. C. Each router must have a unique MD5 key to sign packets with.
D. Each interface may have a unique MD5 key to sign packets with.
Correct Answer: D

The P4S company’s external routers BGP peer with multiple service providers and external organizations. In all situations, the external routers are peered with their BGP neighbors through directly-connected interfaces. How does GTSM provide additional security for your BGP speakers?
A. GTSM prevents the processing of BGP packets from devices that are not on the directly-connected interfaces.
B. GTSM replaces the TCP 3-way handshake between BGP speakers on directly connected interfaces. C. GTSM prevents random TCP resets from being injected into the BGP data stream.
D. GTSM prevents the formation of BGP adjacencies from unauthorized devices.
Correct Answer: A

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