2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 81-85


According to the network provided in the following exhibit, all routers are performing OSPF on all links and all links have the same cost.
OSPF timers have not been modified on any router.
Which network will converge faster, and why, if the link between and router P4S-RA fails?
A. Network 1 will converge faster, because there are fewer flooding hops through the network.
B. They will converge at exactly the same time, because OSPF will flood before calculating the new path. C. They will converge at approximately the same time, because all routers have an equal cost alternate
D. Network 2 will converge faster, because there are more alternate paths available.
Correct Answer: A

Tom is a network administrator for the P4S Ltd. Study the exhibit carefully, he uses four Ethernet links to connect routers P4S-RA and P4S-RB for the purpose of load-sharing transit traffic. Tom also thinks about the impact of this design on the convergence of the
network. The network currently runs IS-IS. What advice will you give to Tom?
A. Configure the four links as broadcast links within IS-IS, because Designated Intermediate Systems help with scaling.
B. Consider EIGRP for high density neighbor situations, since link state protocols do not scale well in highly redundant topologies.
C. Configure the four links as point-to-point links within IS-IS, to reduce the complexity of the shortest path tree and improve
D. Make two of the four interfaces passive, so IS-IS only runs on two of them.
Correct Answer: C

The Schuyler and Livingston Iron Works has been working on getting its network security under control. It has set up VPN with IPSec links to its suppliers. It has installed network vulnerability scanners to proactively identify areas of
weakness, and it monitors and responds to security events as they occur. It also employs extensive access control lists, stateful
firewall implementations, and dedicated firewall appliances. The company has been growing very fast lately and wants to make sure
it is up to date on security measures.
Which two areas of security would you advise the company to strengthen? (Choose two.)
A. intrusion protection
B. identity
C. secure connectivity
D. security management
Correct Answer: BD

Why build link state flooding domain boundaries in large-scale networks running OSPF or IS-IS? (Choose two.)
A. Flooding domain borders block the transmission of external routing information in the network, which improves scaling and
convergence times.
B. Network administrators can quickly find specific destinations when detailed link state information is sorted by flooding
domain in the link state database.
C. Doing so limits the extent of SPF and allows the use of PRC for some best path calculations.
D. Doing so provides logical break points at which to troubleshoot individual parts of the network, rather than trying to
troubleshoot the whole network at once.
Correct Answer: CD

Which attack type may be indicated by unsolicited ACKs directed toward an unused portion of a network’s
IP address space?
A. A smurf attack against a host located elsewhere, spoofing the unused IP space
B. a SYN flood attack against that IP address space
C. IP backscatter from an attack located elsewhere, spoofing your unused IP space
D. an ICMP flood attack against that IP address space
Correct Answer: C

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