2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 76-80


In the network presented below, configure routers P4S-RE and P4S-RF as route reflector clients of router P4S-RA. When router P4S-RE transmits a route to router P4S-RA, which router or routers will router P4S- RA send an update to?
A. only iBGP routers, except router P4S-RE
B. only route reflector clients, except router P4S-RE C. all routers, except router P4S-RE
D. only EBGP routers
Correct Answer: C

Which two statements correctly describe OSPF flooding? (Choose two.)
A. Type 11 Opaque LSAs have area-local flooding scope.
B. Type 1 and Type 2 LSAs have an area scope and are flooded only within an area boundary. C. Type 5 LSAs are converted to Type 7 LSAs in an NSSA area.
D. OSPF areas help in containing the flooding scope and hiding topology details of other parts of the network.
Correct Answer: BD

Which QoS requirement applies to streaming video traffic?
A. one-way latency of 150 ms to 200 ms
B. jitter of 30 ms or less
C. packet loss of 2 percent or less
D. 150bps of overhead bandwidth
Correct Answer: C

You are the Cisco Network Designer in P4S. What is the
term for a logical SAN which provides isolation among devices physically connected to the same fabric?
A. InterSwitch Link
B. Virtua LAN
C. Virtual Output Queuing
D. virtual storage area network
Correct Answer: D

For the following options, which deployment can provide the least amount of downtime and also allow for dual active-active hubs?
A. dynamic VPN tunnels
B. stateful IPsec failover tied to an HSRP address on dual hubs
C. GRE tunnels from spokes to dual hubs
D. stateful IPsec failover with dead peer detection across dual hubs
Correct Answer: C

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