2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 66-70


You work as a network administrator for the P4S company. Study the exhibit carefully, the network is
running EIGRP. You need traffic from P4S-R5 destined for to be routed through P4S-R4. You should complete which two actions combined? (Choose two.)
A. change the bandwidth on the link between P4S-R4 and P4S-R5 to 110
B. change the bandwidth on the link between P4S-R2 and P4S-R5 to 70
C. change the bandwidth on the link between P4S-R1 and P4S-R3 to 80
D. change the bandwidth on the link between P4S-R3 and P4S-R5 to 70
Correct Answer: BD

Which item will be attacked by a DoS attack?
A. availability B. correlation C. integrity
D. confidentiality
Correct Answer: A

Which is a requirement for performing attack detection by use of anomaly detection technologies?
A. syslog data
B. packet captures
C. baseline data
D. exploit signatures
Correct Answer: C

The P4S company connects a pair of sites with three GigE links between two routers with fairly high processor utilization. It has a great many pairs of hosts communicating between the sites, and some use applications that may be sensitive to packet re-ordering.
How to maximize the utility of the links while adding minimal load to the routers?
A. use policy-based routing to force all delivery order applications onto a single link and configure per- packet load sharing
across the remaining two links
B. verify that the total delay of each link is within 100 milliseconds of the other two links and configure per- packet load sharing
across the three links
C. set the link metrics so all three paths are installed in the routing table and use the default per-flow load sharing across the
D. use multilink PPP to bundle the three links into a single logical link and adjust the routing metrics as needed
Correct Answer: C

Which two are characteristics of RSVP? (Choose two.)
A. RSVP itself provides bandwidth and delay guarantees.
B. For RSVP to be end-to-end, all devices must support RSVP.
C. RSVP reservations are maintained by a centralized reservations server.
D. An RSVP compatible QoS mechanism must be used to implement guarantees according to RSVP
Correct Answer: BD

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