2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 36-40


Which is the reason that EIGRP uses queries?
A. to test known alternate paths and determine if they are loop-free
B. to find alternate loop-free paths that have been discarded due to split horizons
C. to test for neighbor state when the network topology is in flux
D. to withdraw routing information from the network
Correct Answer: B

In a single broadcast domain, connect three routers via a standard Ethernet switch. STP is the only Layer 2 protocol running on this link. EIGRP is the only Layer 3 protocol running on this link, which uses a standard configuration. Then, one of the three routers is
manually shut down.
How will the other two routers discover the loss of this neighbor?
A. The switch will send a reverse ARP when the router disconnects from the switch.
B. The line protocol on the remaining two routers will be brought down as soon as the carrier is lost from the switch.
C. The EIGRP dead timers will expire due to the absence of EIGRP traffic.
D. The switch will bring down the carrier on all ports momentarily to force all the routers connected to the link to relearn their
Correct Answer: C

Which two network design principles does this network violate on the basis of the following exhibit? (Choose two.)
A. hierarchy
B. predictability C. fault tolerance D. modularity
Correct Answer: AD

A Fibre Channel fabric (or Fibre Channel switched fabric, FC-SW) is a switched fabric of Fibre Channel devices enabled by a Fibre Channel switch. Fabrics are normally subdivided by Fibre Channel zoning. Each fabric has a name server and provides other services.
Higher redundancy over FC-AL, P2P.Which path selection protocol is used by Fibre Channel fabrics?
Correct Answer: C

While deploying IGP non-stop forwarding (NSF), which practice is the best for tuning routing protocol hello and dead timers?
A. The hello and dead timers should be tuned to allow NSF to continue forwarding after an initial failure detection.
B. The routing protocol hello and dead timers should be decreased to the minimum.
C. NSF-independent timers should be used so that routing protocol timers have no effect.
D. The hello and dead timers should be tuned so the link failure is detected before NSF has the chance to react to the failure.
Correct Answer: A

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