2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 31-35


According to the following exhibit, company 1 contains two autonomous systems (AS1 and AS2) connected via ISP A, which has an AS number of 100. Router P4S-RB and Router P4S-RC are advertising an aggregate of X.X.X.0/23 so that AS1 is able to reach the two
server farms. The two links from AS2 are not being used efficiently. How can AS2 use both of the links coming into it?
A. create another link between Router P4S-RA in AS1 and ISP A
B. configure two static routes in Router P4S-RA for X.X.X.0/23 pointing to Router P4S-RB and Router
C. advertise each X.X.X.0/24 independently from Router P4S-RB and Router P4S-RC
D. configure iBGP between Router P4S-RB and Router P4S-RC to load-share traffic once it reaches AS2
Correct Answer: C

Study the exhibit carefully. In this network, configure P4S-R1, P4S-R2, and P4S-R3 in EIGRP AS 100, and configure P4S-R3 and P4S-R4 in EIGRP AS 200. P4S-R3 is configured to redistribute between the two EIGRP autonomous systems.
Then, P4S-R1 loses its connection to
Which source will P4S-R4 receive a query from, or if it will not receive a query, why not?
A. P4S-R4 will not receive any queries for, because it’s not in the same autonomous system as P4S-R1 or
B. P4S-R4 will not receive any queries for P4S-R1 will not generate any queries for this destination because there
are no other paths available in the network.
C. P4S-R4 will receive one query for from P4S-R1 itself, since P4S-R1 has lost its connection to the destination.
D. P4S-R4 will receive one query. Once AS100 has converged, P4S-R3 will have no route to, so it will initiate a query into AS 200.
Correct Answer: D

Which reason is correct about carrying routes that originate outside your network in an EGP, such as BGP, rather than in your IGP, such as OSPF, EIGRP, or IS-IS?
A. to provide faster convergence to destinations outside your network
B. to prevent failures outside your network from impacting your internal network operation
C. to provide a growth path for the core of your network
D. to provide better control over the distribution of the default route inside your network
Correct Answer: B

The network administrator would like to generate synthetic traffic using the Service Assurance Agent contained in Cisco IOS. Which CiscoWorks network management application will be used to report the latency and availability for configured traffic operations on
an end-to-end and hop-by-hop (router-to-router) basis?
A. nGenius Real-Time Monitor
B. CiscoView
C. Device Fault Manager
D. Internetwork Performance Monitor
Correct Answer: D

Scalability is provided in the server farm module by which of the following design strategies?
A. up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth at the access level
B. redundant servers at the access level
C. modular block design at the access level
D. high port densities at the access level
Correct Answer: C

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