2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 236-240


Tom is a network administrator for the P4S Ltd. He is having problems with redistribution routing loops
between two EIGRP processes. After studying the configurations, he determined there is no filtering configured on the routes being redistributed. In
order to avoid having a single point of failure, there are three routers configured to redistribute between the two routing protocols.
Which one of the following items is a solution to minimize management complexity?
A. replace one of the EIGRP processes with an alternate IGP
B. reduce the number of routers redistributing between the two routing processes
C. build and apply a route filter based on the networks being redistributed between the two processes
D. use tags to control redistribution between the two processes
Correct Answer: D

Intermediate system to intermediate system (IS-IS), is a protocol used by network devices (routers) to determine the best way to
forward datagrams through a packet-switched network, a process called routing. A client has approached you about deploying very
fast IS-IS hello timers across an intercontinental high speed SONET link. What’s your option?
A. Fast hello timers are a good choice for this link because the length of the link indicates there will be at least one SONET
amplifier that disables PATH alarms on the circuit.
B. Fast hello timers are a good choice for this link because on long haul SONET links the reporting of LINE
and PATH errors can take a long time.
C. Fast hello timers are not a good choice for this link because the link is physically long and the propagation delay may cause
IS-IS to believe the link has failed when it has not.
D. Fast hello timers are not a good choice for this link because SONET links provide link-down notification much faster than IS-IS
could detect a circuit failure by means of hello processing.
Correct Answer: D

The Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) is a
communications protocol used to manage the membership of Internet Protocol multicast groups. IGMP is used by IP hosts and adjacent multicast routers to establish multicast group memberships .What is the purpose of IGMP in a multicast implementation?
A. it is used in multicast
B. it is not used in multicast
C. it dynamically registers individual hosts in a multicast group on a specific LAN
D. it is used on WAN connections to determine the maximum bandwidth of a connection
Correct Answer: C

The following exhibit shows the design of this redundant network which uses EIGRP as the IGP of choice. What is the advantage of using BFD in this design?
A. allows BFD peers to nominate feasible successors
B. improves the speed of failure detection and neighbor teardown
C. provides Layer 2 paths around failures, avoiding Layer 3 convergence
D. helps EIGRP disseminate routing information by means of BFD-elected peers
Correct Answer: B

The following exhibit shows us that all the routers in this network are running EIGRP on all links. In Network
1, all links are the same cost. In Network 2, router P4S-RE prefers the path through P4S-RC, and does not have a feasible successor.
Which network converges faster in the event of the failure of the link between router P4S-RA and
A. network 1, because there are fewer query hops through the network
B. network 2, because there are more alternate paths available
C. network 2, because routers P4S-RC and P4S-RD have feasible successors
D. network 1, because all routers have feasible successors in this network
Correct Answer: A

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