2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 216-220


To ensure voice packets are kept within the Committed Information Rate (CIR) of a Frame Relay link, what should be used in the CPE?
A. prioritization B. classification C. fragmentation D. traffic shaping
Correct Answer: D

Study the subject carefully, then answer the following question. A service provider has an MPLS VPN
network in USA. It recently bought another provider in India and would like to quickly integrate
the newly acquired provider’s network into the existing MPLS VPN infrastructure via the Internet. Which two technologies will be used by the service provider to integrate its new network? (Choose two.)
A. MPLS over L2TPv3
B. MPLS over GRE C. MPLS over IPv6
D. MPLS based VPWS
Correct Answer: AB

Which item is the primary requirement when deploying OSPF
graceful restart on a router?
A. Some form of fast Layer 2 down detection must be enabled on the router. B. The adjacent router must support graceful restart helper mode.
C. The adjacent routers must be enabled to forward traffic during the failure.
D. Aggressive routing protocol hellos and keepalives must be running on the router.
Correct Answer: B

MPLS TE tunnel is created on a PE-router and terminates at another PE-router. Study the exhibit carefully. A service provider with a multi-area OSPF environment would like to set up Cisco MPLS TE tunnels among
provider edge routers across area boundaries. The LSPs
are configured with bandwidth constraints and explicit loose route hops as indicated by the arrows in the following path:
PE1 -> ABR1 -> ABR2 -> PE2
The network has enough resources to set up the Cisco MPLS TE tunnel from PE1 to PE2. For which devices will PE1 run CSPF?
A. all routers and links in Area 1 only
B. all routers and links in Area 1 and Area 2 only
C. all routers and links in Area 0, Area 1, and Area 2
D. all routers and links in Area 1 and Area 0 only
Correct Answer: A

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