2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 211-215


You are a network technician for the P4S company , study the following exhibits carefully. You have been tasked to review a proposal for adding redundancy to the non-redundant network in Exhibit 1. Exhibit 2 indicates the proposed redundant network.
Which technology can provide faster convergence over the newly introduced layer 2 domains?
A. Bi-directional Forwarding Detection
B. Hot Standby Router Protocol
C. Rapid Spanning Tree
D. Unidirectional Link Detection
Correct Answer: A

You are the Cisco Network Designer in P4S. Which of these are important when determining how many users a NAS can support?
A. bandwidth
B. number of plug-ins per scan
C. total number of network devices
D. number of checks in each posture assessment
Correct Answer: BCD

What is the result when the RP fails in this bidir-PIM multicast network according to the exhibit?
A. Multicast traffic will cease flowing from the source to the receivers until the RP or a backup RP comes online.
B. Multicast traffic will continue flowing from the source to the receivers as normal.
C. Multicast traffic from the source will continue to flow toward the LAN segment with the failed RP, but will cease flowing from
there to the receivers.
D. Multicast traffic will cease flowing from the source to the RP.
Correct Answer: B

The P4S company has a lot of retail locations currently serviced by a hub-and-spoke Frame Relay network using OSPF as the routing protocol. This firm decides to deploy a high-bandwidth application requiring any- to-any connectivity. Which one of the following technologies can offer the best bandwidth utilization and greatest scalability to P4S?
A. a full mesh of IPsec tunnels between all locations
B. pseudowires based on L2TPv3
C. multipoint GRE tunnels between all locations
D. L3VPNs (RFC 2547-based) using MP-BGP
Correct Answer: D

Virtual private LAN service (VPLS) is a way to provide Ethernet based multipoint to multipoint communication over IP/MPLS
networks. Which three drawbacks are of VPLS? (Choose three.)
A. Direct-attached VPLS requires a full mesh of pseudowires.
B. VPLS cannot support IP bridging (as defined in the VPLS standard).
C. MAC scalability may be problematic, since customer MACs will be visible on the service provider network.
D. VPLS requires a large amount of multicast and broadcast replication.
Correct Answer: ACD

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