2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 206-210


Which description is true about downstream suppression?
A. the ability of a fault management tool to generate alerts for only an upstream device failure and to suppress the alarms
related to all unreachable downstream sites
B. the ability of a router to suppress downstream route fluctuations to avoid introducing instability into the network core
C. the ability of a network management station to perform root cause analysis on a network fault and remove duplicates of all
other alarms resulting from fault symptoms
D. the ability of an element manager to restrict forwarding to critical performance alarms northbound to the
Manager of
Managers and suppress other alarms
Correct Answer: A

Acme Costume Company is connecting its manufacturing facilties to its stores with a small point-to- multipoint Frame Relay IP WAN. Little growth is expected in the network infrastructure.Up to this point the company has been using a dial-on-demand network.
Dropping WAN costs, however, have led them to consider using a high-speed WAN solution to improve access.
Which two routing protocols could you deploy to support the new larger network while keeping costs down? (Choose two.)
B. RIPv2
Correct Answer: CD

The packets discovered are considered part of an attack. What benefit can be obtained by using a packet scrubbing device to redirect them?
A. Packet scrubbing forwards valid traffic.
B. Packet scrubbing provides better logging of suspected attacks. C. Packet scrubbing is “line rate.”
D. Packet scrubbing filters all traffic.
Correct Answer: A

Which option about MPLS-based L3VPN service is correct?
A. It is independent of the routed protocol.
B. It offloads routing between sites to the service provider. C. It improves routing protocols and network convergence.
D. It allows for transparent routing across the service provider.
Correct Answer: B

Study the topology provided in this exhibit. Which configuration change will maximize the efficiency of both the routing design and data forwarding plane?
A. configure Router P4S-RA to advertise instead of the default route to Router P4S-RB B. configure Router P4S-RB to advertise the more specific prefixes instead of the aggregate
C. configure Router P4S-RB with a static route for the aggregate to Null0
D. configure Router P4S-RB to advertise the more specific prefixes in addition to the aggregate
Correct Answer: C

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