2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 191-195


Which statement correctly describes OSPF incremental SPF?
A. iSPF is negotiated during the OSPF adjacency process. B. iSPF must be enabled on all routers in the domain.
C. iSPF must be enabled on all routers in a particular area.
D. iSPF is local to the router and does not require interoperability.
Correct Answer: D

Which two components are of effective change management
planning? (Choose two.)
A. a change validation mechanism
B. a what-if analysis for each proposed change
C. a multi-discipline change management team
D. an automated change management tracking system
Correct Answer: AB

P4S-R2 and P4S-R3 are learning Network A and Network B through EBGP peering sessions as shown in the figure. P4S-R2 and P4S-R3 are also configured to peer by use of IBGP, and they are both advertising default routes through OSPF.
Network A is not able to reach
destinations on Network A; which step should be takes to solve this problem?
A. Create a tunnel between P4S-R2 and P4S-R3.
B. Create static default routes pointing from P4S-R1 and P4S-R4 to P4S-R2 and P4S-R3, respectively.
C. Convert P4S-R3 and P4S-R2 to ABRs so that P4S-R1 and P4S-R4 can choose the closest ABR to exit the network.
D. Create a tunnel between P4S-R2 and P4S-R4.
Correct Answer: A

Distribution layer: This layer includes LAN-based routers and layer 3 switches . When is a first-hop redundancy protocol needed in the distribution layer?
A. OSPF is not supported by the design
B. HSRP is not supported by the design
C. preempt tuning of the default gateway is needed
D. the design implements Layer 3 between the access switch and the distribution switch
Correct Answer: D

Assume that Telnet users of your company are experiencing delays caused by cyclic congestion spikes. Traffic analysis shows minimal use of UDP. Which technology can be used to solve this problem?
A. Deficit Round Robin
B. Weighted RED
C. Class Based Weighted Fair Queuing
D. Committed Access Rate
Correct Answer: B

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