2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 186-190


Flex Links are a pair of a Layer 2 interfaces (switchports or port channels), where one interface is configured to act as a backup to the other. Which two statements are correct regarding Flex Links?
A. An interface can only belong to single Flex Links. B. An interface can belong to multiple Flex Links.
C. Flex Links operate only over single pairs of links.
D. Flex Links automatically disable STP so no BPDUs are propagated.
Correct Answer: CD

Which item can reduce IP address spoofing effectively and dynamically?
A. unicast Reverse Path Forwarding
B. route dampening
C. Egress Packet Filtering
D. Ingress Packet Filtering
Correct Answer: A

A certain service provider network has IPsec tunnels between PE router loopbacks and dual-homed PE routers. The service provider carries infrastructure routes by use of OSPF and carries tunnel endpoints by using BGP. What should the service provider do to provide fast convergence in the event of a link failure in its network?
A. tune OSPF on all routers
B. carry IPsec tunnels in GRE among PE routers
C. carry IPsec tunnels in L2TPv3 among PE routers
D. carry IPsec tunnels in VPLS among PE routers
Correct Answer: A

You are a network designer for the P4S company, study the exhibit carefully. You are asked to design a Layer 2 VPN. Now, 90% of traffic from the remote branches of P4S comes to HQ. There are hubs and old switches at remotes not having dot1q capability. But at
the remote branches, P4S has not the budget to invest in new equipment. Other than converting the remote branches to Layer 2 VPN, P4S would like to connect all the branches to the HQ site to make sure that
the branches have access to dot1q capability. How to meet this requirement, if not, why?
A. They cannot be met, because EoMPLS in port mode requires VPLS.
B. They can be met, but require Ethernet to dot1q interworking between the PEs. C. They can be met, but EoMPLS in port mode requires VPWS.
D. They cannot be met, because an intelligent switch is required at the remote branches to enable
EoMPLS from site to site.
Correct Answer: B

Which three things can be restricted by the Class of Service in a traditional PBX? (Choose three.)
A. dial plans
B. dialed numbers
C. voice mail prompts
D. phone features
Correct Answer: ABD

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